IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-02-19

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frinnsthm, seems firefox doesnt really like ffmpeg 3.0 all that much08:36
frinnstwonder why I didnt catch that immediately08:36
frinnstwhat does display for you guys? any errors08:38
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frinnstI wanna buy a new amd gpu so I can play with xf86-video-amdgpu09:33
frinnstbut seems impossible to find a good'ish card without a fan09:34
juefrinnst: no errors with ffmpeg 2.8.511:45
frinnstdid you try 3.0 ?13:06
frinnstversion bump should be enough13:06
jueno yet, but will try later13:17
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juefrinnst: with 3.0 I get errors for "H.264" and "MSE & H.264"15:32
frinnstyeah, me too16:43
frinnstgood its not a firefox configure thingy on my side16:44
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frinnst*testing glibc 2.23*20:00
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