IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-02-23

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jueteK_: qemu installs the man-pages into the wrong directories, /usr/share/man{1,8} instead of /usr/share/man/man{1,8}14:41
jueteK_: thanks14:42
juefrinnst: your adwaita-icon-theme port depends on librsvg14:49
juefrinnst: what do you think, shouldn't we have both, the adwaita icon and theme port in opt?14:51
frinnstyeah probably :)15:41
frinnsti'll do it tonight15:41
frinnstbtw im running a "dirty" install of glibc 2.23 here - havent rebuilt anything15:41
frinnstother than regenerating the locales15:41
frinnstthere is one minor security issue that remains unpatched for 2.2215:42
frinnsti was unable to get it working since they didnt backport the patch to 2.22 and too many things had changed for the patch to work15:43
frinnstfedora hasnt patched for it either - they also use 2.22 so i guess its not a big deal15:43
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jaeger2 features I'd really like to see for CRUX 3.3 - stop using the "Packager" field in Pkgfiles and archive renaming on download in pkgmk18:55
jaegerWe've still got a ticket open for the latter, I believe. I'll revisit that feature soon if I can18:56
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frinnstjaeger: yeah, packager is pointless20:32
frinnstit has even led to the wrong people getting bugreports20:33
frinnstand as a policy i think we need to be more proactive in cleaning out orphaned ports from opt/contrib20:34
frinnst <- too many ports20:34
jaegerI got another email for someone else's port recently due to it, yeah20:34
jaegerProbably not a bad idea also20:34
frinnstif nobody cares enough about them nobody would mind if they were removed20:34
jaegerYeah, seems reasonable20:36
frinnstlinux-firmware needs to be in core i think - possibly split out into firmware-net, firmware-gpu or whatnot20:37
jaegercan it be included on the ISO license-wise?20:37
frinnstI dont mind doing the lifting on that one since i "maintain" radeon-ucode20:38
frinnstnot sure, possibly not eveything20:38
frinnstbut I think most are ok to redistribute20:38
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