IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-02-29

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Romsterprologic, your logger is broken10:36
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frinnstRomster: i cant reproduce your elfutils thingy13:48
frinnstbuilds & runs for me13:48
frinnstoh nevermind - still run the old version13:49
frinnstyep, see the problem now13:50
Romster patch included14:00
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frinnsthm, seems the slogin symlink isnt created in the new openssh version19:12
frinnstdont see anything about slogin in the changelog19:12
juethe ChangeLog shows the commit, but no useful comment why the slogin symlink has been removed20:43
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frinnstteK_: irssi 0.8.18 \o/21:24
teK_oui oui21:29
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