IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-03-01

jaegeryay, my letsencrypt renewal script did its job properly01:49
jaegerand I love that irssi can be upgraded without a restart01:51
jaegerwoo, 5 more deps into the ISO02:34
jaegeror 402:42
jaegercounting is hard02:43
Worksterif your doing an updated iso jaeger can you revise the removal of unzip (something else i forget in core) and now gst-plugins-base and gstreamer for firefox use.03:22
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jaegerI don't know what you mean by revise the removal... I've added the gst-plugins-base extra deps, though, that's what I was talking about03:31
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Worksterwell on the crux 3.2 release there were 2 dependencies in core that got moved out but didn't get removed off the system, on a sysup. well maybe they wern't for a reason.04:36
Worksterwhat happend to me is i sysup a docker image then i ran my pkg-clean -r script from my romster repo. it removed 2 core deps that are not in core now.04:36
Worksterbut thinking about it if they were removed on updating to crux 3.2 then something else might break that relies on them.04:37
Worksterother that the gstreamer and gst-plugins-base is not needed for firefox now.04:38
Worksteron the iso package list.04:38
Workstersorry i've been having a busy day and thinking of everything and i probably make zero sense.04:38
jaegerI think I get it now but I do think removing them could have confused people more, possibly04:45
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jaegerDoes anyone have the site pass for mailman these days? There are some bad addresses on the lists that I'd like to clear out05:31
jaegerIf not I can reset it but preferred to ask first05:31
jaegernope, 5, I was right the first time.06:16
frinnstnot I, go for it07:40
juewhat shall we do with the slogin symlink, create it in the port or stick to upstream?08:39
frinnstdont bother I think08:43
jueok, let's go without the symlink08:51
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Romsterwait for a bug report if any10:42
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frinnstdebian just released a new openssl package - did they push it?15:01
frinnstiirc it was due today15:01
juewith a15:17
juespecial web site ->
juefrinnst: are ready to push the update or shall I do it?15:19
frinnstgoodie. im heading home soonish15:53
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jaegerfrinnst: did you remove gst/ffmpeg from firefox entirely?19:57
jaegerMaybe I added those extra deps to the ISO in error :)19:57
jaegerfrinnst: ah ha! I see the readme and commits now, sorry. I should have looked before asking20:03
jaegerand now romster's comment makes more sense. I'm way behind apparently20:04
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frinnstgst yes20:16
frinnstffmpeg is runtime optional20:16
jaegeryay, reverted that. I'm stupid.20:16
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jaegerRomster: regarding unzip and zip I forgot to mention that they ARE still on the ISO. Just not in core anymore20:22
jaegerI honestly can't tell if this dude is a master troll or not20:31
jaegerIf he is I've got to give him credit for effort20:32
frinnstwhy didnt revdep detect the python thingy?20:55
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Workstersorry i wasn't clear enough22:32
teK_jaeger: expression of strong interest in your LE script23:20
jaegerteK_: sure, I'll pastebin it or something23:24
jaegerThe last echo is superfluous, I just put it in for testing... now that I know it works I'd remove that so I don't get an email from cron every day that says "No need to renew SSL cert"23:27

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