IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-03-02

jaegerWorkster: all good, my fault for not paying closer attention00:04
jaegerfrinnst: looks like firefox has some ffmpeg stuff in its footprint01:23
jaegeractually, maybe that's supposed to be there. might be breaking on my x86 VM. ignore me for now :)01:24
teK_frinnst: I just watched the snippet from John Olivr about Drumpf. O_M_G :D01:42
jaegerfrinnst: yeah, x86 issue again, sorry for the noise03:18
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juefrinnst: you forgot to add the adwaita theme/icons ?08:55
frinnstyeah sorry09:00
frinnstwill do09:01
frinnstI had to clean up the Pkgfiles - that's done. but forgot to add them to opt09:01
juegood, thnaks, I looked around for a theme switcher that works for gtk3 as well, I think the one from lxd works nice for both gtk versions09:06
jueand, very important, it depends not on additional libs09:07
juethink I'll replace the ancient gkt-chtheme with that09:08
juesounds that reasonable?09:09
frinnstyeah i have a port for lxappearance09:21
frinnstmuch nicer than gtkchtheme09:21
juefine, would you mind to add it as well?09:25
rmullIs there no easy way to use something along the lines of prt-get listinst to see which ports are installed from a specific repo? I want to know if I can remove a repo that I think I don't use anymore13:05
rmulloops, meant to go to #crux with this, sorry for the noise13:07
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juefrinnst: thanks :)21:56
frinnstno worries :)22:03
jaegerI'm surprised there's no python3 port in contrib23:56

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