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jaegerIt's down, yeah00:00
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jaegerfrinnst: sure, if it causes no issues I'll add it03:25
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pitillomorning, just a doubt: pkgutils links with lzo and it's not listed in dependencies. Is it provided by libarchive (it looks for lzoconf.h provided from lzo port) or should it be listed as dep?08:01
juepitillo: correct, lzo is a dep of libarchive08:44
juewill fix that, thanks for the hint08:44
juewe addded lzo for btrfs-progs, which was in core and has been moved to opt for 3.2, so it might be possible to move lzo to opt as well08:47
juebut, if we do that we have to disable lzo in libarchive to avoid linking during the ISO build process08:49
jueI doubt that all of this is worth the trouble08:50
pitilloyeah jue, I just saw it rebuilding from scratch, thank you very much08:58
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teK_Workster: works for me [tm]09:11
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RomsterteK_, i disabled it, seems nothing really needs it in libsoup12:30
Romsteryet anyways12:30
jaeger758 days uptime on currently14:33
jaegerI'm going to re-run the portdb cacher now that things are back up14:35
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