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Romsterany objection if we add nettle to mesa3d and set --with-sha1=libnettle ?03:31
jueRomster: why? whats better with nettle?07:12
Romsterit performs a faster sha1 hash, the other thing is i've built a ton of things in a docker container and when i only prt-get depinst mesa3d that's already built i have to recompile mesa3d to omit nettle.07:17
Romstercould just set --with-sha1=libc but that would reduce performance. but omit the nettle soft dependency07:18
Romsterand the rebuilding issue.07:18
Romsteror i just have to deal with running a revdep rebuild as part of my process.07:18
Romsteri just thought of making mesa3d a little more consistent since i spotted this optional dependency07:19
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Romsterif it's ok as is i'll just learn to deal with it, thought i would bring up possible solutions.07:20
Romsterlist of libs that are affected in mesa3d07:21
Romstercurrently mesa3d will choose the best sha1 library implementation at compile time07:21
juehonestly, you know, I'm not a fan of additional deps just because of such reasons, do you have an idea what means "faster" in practice?07:36
Romsterwell setting it to libc is a option? or do we leave it as a soft dependency?08:01
juesure, not objections if we set it to libc08:02
Romsteryeah i don't wanna add more deps if it's not super required. i would love it to be consistent. not not break due to soft dependencies. but if that's how it has to be i'll have to allow for that in the building process i do.08:02
Romsteri was thinking to set it to libc and see if it affects anyone and if not, well it can stay on libc.08:03
jueyep, ok08:28
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jaegerteK_: does the synergy port build properly for you?14:49
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