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Workster bug report and fix for gcc and wine.06:07
Worksterthen i can stop using gcc4806:07
Romsternote that arch's gcc is now at _snapshot=5-2016020907:00
Romstershould we be bumping gcc to a snapshot or applying them two patches or just stick to using gcc48 for now?07:01
frinnstRomster: <- p5-net-ssleay perl footprint07:45
Romsterhmm i have to go though all them07:45
frinnsti think patches are acceptable. but We might just as well wait for the next bugfix release if you already have wine running (albeit with gcc 4.8)07:47
Romsteri have07:48
Romsterit's just a extra once off compile of gcc 4.8.507:48
Romsteradds to the time for new users wanting wine07:49
Romstera gcc bug caused by bugs in the newly used force-stack-alignment on 64bit07:52
Romsterso who knows what else that may affect07:52
frinnstdo you have the patches to fix the bug?07:55
frinnstI can apply them here and do some regression testing07:55
Romsterin the Pkgfile for wine are the bug urls. that i pasted in here ^08:11
Romsteri didn't get any further.08:12
frinnstso who will offer the first port?08:18
frinnstgeez.. thats wrong on so many levels08:18
Romsterryao> WHat are teh chances that Microsoft is using winelib for this:
Romsteri know i wont be packaging it08:23
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Romsterfrinnst, fixed the footprints and versions11:58
jueteK_: I just build new babl which lasted around 6 minutes (user time), most/all of time was spent in the docs dir; adding --disable-docs reduce this to 12 seconds ;)13:09
NomiusAnyone good good with apache?13:19
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frinnstnot "good", no. I've set up a few installs but thats it21:21

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