IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-03-09

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teK_jue: will add the flag20:14
teK_on tonights todo list: openvswitch, synergy and llvm20:15
teK_I gave the system with my ck4up.conf file away.. (without the HDD of course)20:15
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teK_jaeger: synergy builds for me as it is23:11
teK_what error do you get23:12
jaegerDo you have qt4 installed?23:12
jaegerHrmm... give me a bit, I'll build it in a clean env and report, I don't remember now23:13
teK_well it's not listed as a dep..23:13
teK_on this machine, without qt4 it wont work23:13
teK_so it seems to depend on qt4.23:13
jaegerif the gui is built, yeah23:14
jaegeryou can strip it out if you want but I'm guessing users would prefer to have it23:14
jaegerok, fired off a build in a clean env, will take a bit due to deps23:16
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teK_what are you trying to find out?23:17
jaegerI'm not trying to find anything out, I was just offering fixed builds23:18
jaegerstarted looking into it because of comments in #crux from brian|lfs I think23:18
teK_I am missing the fixe besides the qt4 dep23:20
teK_care to explain? :\23:20
jaegerIt also bitched about dns_sd.h I think23:22
teK_that's avahi23:22
teK_got that here without it, too :P23:22
teK_just now23:22
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jaegerSo you added avahi and qt4, then?23:23
jaegercmake is also missing as a dep, looks like23:23
teK_checking if avahi can be skipped23:23
teK_dont see the benefit :)23:23
jaegerIf it can, fine... the benefit would be zeroconf discovery23:24
jaegerMaybe the server has zeroconf support?23:24
teK_sure, I still find this to have only small benefit in the average scenario23:26
teK_'look, I just found another machine under my desk, thank god, avahi got that already covered for me'23:26
jaegerJust saying that's what the benefit is. If you don't want to enable that, it's fine with me :P23:27 #!/bin/sh python "$@"    oh boy :P23:27
teK_enable... the build stack of that thing is just stupid23:28
jaegerThat's why I didn't bother with it in my port, I just used cmake23:28
teK_but I skipped the testing stuff ;)23:28 is almost empty too. Fun.23:28
teK_and configure is no configure autotools script23:29
teK_cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .23:29
teK_that's all23:29
teK_so he's executing three files for almost only this :>23:29
teK_I guess this is done to support building on windows etc.; stopped caring.23:32
jaegerxorg-libxtst also required, looks like23:33
teK_how can fedora releas src RPMS for synergy 1.6.2 in 201623:39
teK_ok, the code is as braindead as the build stack23:41
teK_so I'll have to adopt avahi23:41
teK_ripping off yours. :O23:42
jaegerfeel free, heh23:43
teK_libdaemon is needed too23:45
teK_will do this tomorrow or so23:45
teK_thanks for working things out23:46
teK_btw frinnst I think firefox depends on virtualenv23:50
jaegerno problem23:50
teK_nope, doesnt fix compilation failure of ff23:51

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