IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-03-10

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Romster teK_ rebuild pyhton07:06
Romsteri think python broke on openssl bump. but revdep never reported anything07:06
Romsteri have a built firefox package already on my site.07:07
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frinnst-- Packages which were not installed10:45
frinnst<Romster>  teK_ rebuild pyhton10:45
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frinnst[oss-security] Announce: Portable OpenSSH 7.2p2 released14:36
frinnstThis release fixes a security bug:14:36
frinnst * sshd(8): sanitise X11 authentication credentials to avoid xauth14:36
frinnst   command injection when X11Forwarding is enabled.14:36
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frinnsthm, anybody running ipv6 with core/exim?23:08
frinnstI think we are missing HAVE_IPV6=YES in the makefile23:08
jaegerNot I, sorry, no exim experience23:09
frinnst# Uncomment this setting to include IPv6 support.23:10
frinnst# HAVE_IPV6=yes23:10
frinnstnow my poor little rpi has to rebuild exim D;23:13
frinnstworks \o/23:40
frinnstCongratulations, you are an IPv6 Professional! To complete the Guru Test you will need:23:40
frinnst    The Name Servers for need to have a AAAA records23:40
frinnst    Those nameservers need to respond to queries made via IPv6 and return a AAAA record for ipv6.obra.se23:40
frinnsttoo late to start messing with my nameservers tonight23:40
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