IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-03-12

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frinnstjaeger & jue: nginx and exim has ipv6 support disabled. should I open a bug for each or do you prefer to just enable it? :)15:40
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jaegerfrinnst: I've already got it on my list for nginx, just haven't made the change yet. Pretty busy this week :)16:17
frinnstno worries16:17
frinnstjust finished my certification - free tshirt \o/ :D16:17
frinnstwe got a /32 at work a few months ago. hopefully my boss will get it routed to us soon'ish. fun to play with16:18
jaegera /32? :D16:19
jaegerMade me laugh, was thinking ipv4 at first, hehe16:20
jaegerLike 'whoa, man, don't go nuts there'16:20
frinnst"This is where my brain starts to hurt." yeah, I second that16:21
frinnst It took me a while to find a calculator that would actually give the expanded result - 18,446,744,073,709,552,000.16:22
jaegerShould be enough for at least a few weeks16:23
frinnsthehe yeah16:23
frinnstbut it feels so wasteful. best practice is to hand out a /48 per fiber-customer16:24
frinnsta /32 is "only" 65536 /4816:24
jaegerso tiny!16:28
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juefrinnst: will try to do it tomorrow ;)18:21
frinnstcheers :D18:58
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