IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-03-14

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teK_hey guys19:50
teK_did you see the clang problems, Romster posted to #crux earlier?19:51
teK_I did not have to set CC=gcc19:52
teK_but maybe clang was not installed before on that particular machine, dont know19:52
jaegerI've pretty much ignored anything clang-related... I don't use it at all20:06
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Romsterif clang is already installed i've had to remove it before building new clang, as it tires to use clang to build itself.21:50
Romsterwhich breaks when llvm is already been bumped21:50
frinnstclang doesnt check if the compiler is sane before bootstraping?21:54
teK_I am wondering why clang should not be self hosting, hmhm21:54
teK_it's been self hosting since 2010. Boy.21:54
frinnstWHAT YEAR IS THIS!?21:54
frinnstmy town is back on form21:55
frinnsthandbrake is for the weak!21:55
teK_watching horace and pete atm21:55
frinnsthaha its awesome21:55
frinnsti bought the last two episodes21:55
frinnst$2 or something21:56
teK_that scene where the oldguy comes in and tells about him meeting his wife in the bar21:56
teK_that was _really_ strong21:56
teK_for now I'd better set CC and CPP for clang22:25
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teK_checking for clang... clang22:48
teK_checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out22:48
teK_checking whether the C compiler works... yes22:48
teK_but this is with clan 3.8.0 installed.. with 3.7.0 it fails22:49
teK_ah ok. :-)22:50
teK_clang: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory22:50
teK_because clang gets installed after llvm is updated to 3.8.022:50
frinnstcant you force the clang port to use gcc23:07
rmullCC=gcc CXX=g++23:08
teK_sure I can23:10
teK_but clang is superior (:P)23:10
rmullNo argument from me23:10
teK_test-building with CC=gcc anyways.. there's also a mandatory witch to cmake coming up (yay)23:10
rmullnot superior enough to build itself I guess23:11
teK_of course it can, just that clang needs the libs it depends on to work23:11
frinnstgpl ftw23:19

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