IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-03-18

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frinnstcurl no longer ship tarballs? :(05:50
frinnstsorry - cups05:51
frinnstmy eyes havent woken up yet05:51
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teK_jaeger: will look at it tonight, thanks08:56
juefrinnst: only from github, with the usual naming problems :(09:53
juesooner or later we need some kind of save_as feature in pkgmk10:06
jueteK_: libreoffice 5.1.1 is out which fixes a crash of 5.1.0 with our harfbuzz version10:09
Romsterthought github would of fixed there file naming problem by now.10:27
frinnstthey dont care10:41
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teK_jue: great.. finally I can push the update :-)14:25
teK_Romster frinnst: yes, they gave me a friendly we will consider this some tim eLATER. MAYBE. reply14:26
teK_fuckers :P14:26
teK_although the project manager can make non braindead releases, too14:26
teK_so it's probably easier to fix this in decentralized way *cough*14:26
jaegersome individuals do name release tarballs normally so it's not like github can't host those files... it's just that their default scheme sucks. A lot.14:27
teK_n the other hand, some people acting dumb is not real news, isnt it? ;-(14:33
jaegerNot at all, sadly14:37
frinnstI AM VERY BRAINY15:33
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teK_sure you are17:55
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teK_can you tell, what's the problem woth postgre's post-isntall script21:49
teK_I tried running it multiple times without error message21:49
jaegerIt tries to init the new db every time you run it. Which doesn't break anything but generates warning output21:57
jaegerpg_ctl: database system initialization failed21:57
jaegermaybe just have it do a check for /var/pgsql/data before running the last 2 commands?21:59
teK_the only part I ignored; just looked at the user and group thingies22:01
teK_thanks jaeger.22:12
jaegerthank you too :)22:12
teK_jue: mind testing libreoffice 5.1.1? FOr me, the icons in calc only appear after hoevering over them22:14
rmullteK_: There are some possibly-outdated search strings for 'find' in the libreoffice port:
rmullNot a big deal, but maybe worth a cleanup for the next bump22:37
rmullicons in calc look okay to me22:38
rmullI have adwaita-icon-theme installed fwiw22:38
teK_will silent update this22:39
rmullNot sure about the icons - still looks fine after removal of adwaita-icon-theme22:40
teK_how does this fail .. it doesnt even look for readme_s_22:40
teK_and it's simply ORing the possibly filename patterns22:40
teK_compiling php 5.2.17 atm22:46
teK_THAT is strange22:46
teK_my current favourite: it wont find freetype.h even if it's there22:47
teK_solution (working..):22:47
teK_mkdir /usr/include/freetype2/freetype22:47
teK_ln -s /usr/include/freetype2/freetype.h /usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h22:47
jaegerthey did shuffle those headers around a couple times, was very annoying22:47
jaegerI was using sed on #include lines in grub2 for a while, for example22:48
teK_just linked sqlite3.h to sqlite.h :x22:48
teK_which  made it fail. oops22:48
jaegerhic sunt dracones22:49
teK_screwibus phpus maximus22:50
teK_dont mess with my mad ltin skills22:50
teK_listened to that cruft for four years22:51
teK_at least it had not much to no impact :D22:51
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Romsteris there anyway to do a headless crux upgrade on 6 machines? i don't believe we support that.23:54
teK_there is no official support for doing a report _before_ you start updating ither23:56
Romsterwould need a the iso to start ssh and a way to find that machine and either password or ssh key23:57
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Romstera bit of pain moving keyboard monitor to each box23:57
Romsterwonder if anyone has tried23:58
Romsteri can do it the hard way just curious if there is the easier way23:58
Romsterwith a bit of extra work to the iso23:58
teK_no but I think i proposed that feature five years ago (without implementing it) ;)23:58
Romsteroh i didn't see that23:58
teK_one issue is with getting a good password without using a static one23:59
Romsteri don't like the idea of no password or default key/pass though23:59
teK_you'd have to use an obscure but known attribute of the machine itself23:59
teK_like mac address + X23:59
jaegerCould rig up a custom boot that uses a supplied passphrase or keys or something23:59

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