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teK_supplied how?00:00
Romsterexisting installs could use the /etc/shadow root password?00:00
teK_in case you want to boot headless..00:00
jaegerput it on a usb drive with the ISO contents or similar00:00
Romsterhmm usb stick with a password file would do.00:00
teK_so a PW in a textfile?00:00
jaegersure. Not like you're sharing it00:01
Romsterit be no different to being in front of the machine and using the iso00:01
teK_that would be nice.. but is networking started automaticaly?00:01
Romsterjust don't leave the usb stick in after it's upgraded/installed00:01
jaegerno. but since we're already talking about customizing the ISO for this, add what you need00:02
Romstermy other hurdle is i need to move away from static to dhcp and set up dhcp reservations00:02
teK_how about reusing /etc/rc.d/net but only setting the defaults like DEV/ADDR/... only they have not yet been set?00:03
jaegerCould be something as simple as "if exists on the media, run it" etc.00:03
jaegerSaid script could just start up networking and SSH or it could do an entire unattended install00:04
teK_yes, but it would be nice to be able to specify all parameters in one place00:04
jaegerThe two aren't mutually exclusive as far as I'm concerned00:05
teK_not at all :)00:05
Romsteri had an issue with my desktop i removed a second GPU card and my eth port changed hardware address.... how is that supossed tonot change. i could just go back to eth0 and use the MAC in eudev. then if i insert another GPU it wont even change. unlike it has already when i removed my second GPU.00:05
teK_as far as the ISO is concerned.. i'd disable the slot-based naming...00:06
jaegerRomster: if the number of PCI devices change the enumeration can change, of course00:06
jaegerIf you're lucky your motherboard does it in a smart way... if you're not...00:06
Romsterso i can blame my mobo for not doing it in a smart way.00:06
Romsterhave any spare time to make a headless iso i can dd to a usb stick? other issue is i probably don't have usb above my cdrom or hdd in my bios on all them machines, but i can go go over all them and fix that.00:08
jaegerI don't know for sure, could be a kernel problem... but I suspect the kernel just uses the PCI enumeration from the motherboard/chipset00:08
Romsterstill requires me to attach a monitor.00:08
jaegerUnless you know the proper key sequence to do it without seeing it :D00:08
teK_how is there a need for persistent device naming on our ISO?00:09
Romsterit was more my running desktop teK_00:09
jaegerThere's probably not a need... but there's not really been a reason to change it00:09
Romsteri pulled out a second GPU and wondered why my lan failed to start.00:09
teK_now there is ;)00:09
teK_classic udev :>00:10
Romsterknowing that it used the newer hardware names and shouldn't change.00:10
jaegerYou can't really expect it never to change if the physical hardware changes, I feel00:10
jaegerfor example, if you have 5 devices, 3 is GPU and 4 is NIC, then you remove the GPU, suddenly the NIC is number 300:11
jaeger(just a guess, I don't know the actual internal workings)00:11
Romsteri actually thought the hardware sockets would never change numbers00:11
jaegerideally they wouldn't but I suspect they are00:12
Romstersince they are psychical and always there. if used or not is another matter.00:12
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jaegerIf the motherboard changes its enumeration based on the installed devices (which I suspect is what happens) then the kernel would see different ones00:12
jaegerPresumably the kernel can only use what the hardware exposes00:12
Romsteranyways do you have any time to make the iso work headless, or maybe i can have a crack at it.00:12
Romsterthat is what i suspect jaeger00:13
jaegerI can look into it, though it would take some time. I'm going out soon tonight but I'll give it some thought. Could be handy00:13
Romsterwhich makes the whole udeb, eudev and systemd not so persistent naming.00:13
Romsteroops i mean udev, eudev and systemd00:14
teK_frinnst: any interest in test-driving a cmake built llvm (with the Xorg thingies, for example)?00:14
Romsteri can spin up a docker container and build tek00:14
teK_Romster: there's a kernel parameter :-)00:14
teK_Romster: building is not the problem00:14
teK_it works but suddenly some binaries are not built anymore and some .a files are present as .so files00:15
teK_which probably is just an inconsistency on their side..00:15
Romsterso linked dynamically or just renamed wrong00:15
Romsteri meant i can build all the things that use llvm which is probably just mesa3d and clang00:16
teK_if you like00:16
teK_cmake will become mandatory for 3.9.0 btw00:18
Romster-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON well that would do the so00:18
Romsterwonder how i specify libdir in cmake for llvm-32, wasn't there ccmake to list parameters like ./configure --help00:21
Romsteri'll look at that after this00:21
Romsterseems some hate autotools and prefer cmake and possibly ninja00:21
Romsteralthough i'e never had any fun looking though a gigantic Makefile00:22
teK_cmake -LAH  I think00:22
teK_i.e. mkdir build && cd build && cmake -LAH ..00:22
Romsteri'll look a that, harder to remember -LAH than --help00:22
teK_you should see a speedup in build times00:23
Romsterwith just cmake alone?00:24
teK_I thought so00:24
teK_measuring atm00:24
Romsteron another note should be be bumping revision= on wget python git curl when openssl gets bumped and we see it breaks those. except revdep does not detect function renames in the library itself.00:27
Romsteralso llvm bump does make revdep report mesa3d needs a rebuild.00:27
Romsterbut the former is a little more hidden on ABI changes00:27
Romsteror actually API00:28
teK_does it need an actual rebuild? I dont remember00:30
Romsteryes it does00:31
Romsteralso tek you have not looked at bug reports?
Romsteri'm trying to sort my bugs out as well00:32
teK_no, I have been utterly busy at work, I did most of the DROWN detection and remediation tasks for our network00:33
teK_this has been keeping me busy for exactly one month now00:34
Romsterah, kind of figured you been busy00:34
teK_been ordered to take some time of by mananger, more time for my side projects, CRUX is #2 in these :)00:35
Romsteri want to add revdep.d/$name files to thunderbird and firefox00:35
Romsterdon't feel pressured, if you need a break from computers in general.00:35
teK_I'm fine00:36
Romsteri'm finding sepen and alan has outdated versions more than just 1 or 2 old.00:36
teK_let's see when I get around fixing the bugs00:36
Romsteri took the liberty to bump some footprints and missing dependencies00:37
Romsterso far no ones told me off :)00:37
teK_but first, there is a certain house we are looking to buy :-)00:37
teK_will check that tomorrow!100:37
Romsteryou moving?00:37
Romsteror is that an investment to either rent out or holiday house?00:38
teK_been here for 8+ years and spent almost 80k in rent00:38
Romstercloser to work i figure00:38
teK_I'm in Passau, work is mostly in Munich (look at the map :P)00:39
Romster"rent money is dead money", i always say00:39
Romsterpaying a house off is more a benefit if you can later use that to get a return after sprucing it up, for later resale00:40
Romsterexcept maybe fixing broken things like hot water should anything break00:41
Romsterwhile paying the place off00:41
teK_well hjave to see00:46
teK_gotta run00:46
teK_wifey gets angry, date is in 8 hours :p00:46
Romsterok take care.00:46
frinnstteK_: sure, url to a port?01:00
frinnsthave to wait till morning - zzzz01:00
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jueteK_: 5.1.1 works fine for me, thanks15:27
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teK_good to know17:30
frinnstharfbuzz ....... diff:
frinnsttime to break it again? :D18:04
juesure :)18:49
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