IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-03-22

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Romsterisn't gtk3 a development branch before stable gtk4 ?01:38
Romsterwhich would explain why they are doing breaking changes in gtk301:39
rmullfrinnst: Btw, this is what I was talking about earlier with the --check flag to md5/sha256sum:
rmullThis changes the output, but it works the same02:30
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rmullErr... this patch is against a pkgmk with predatorfreak's sha256 patch. Hold please.02:33
rmullHere, this applies against upstream pkgmk master:
rmullAnnnnd of course here are the benchmark results:
rmull(for a broken but existent .md5sum file)02:40
rmullWell... it's not clean. But you get the idea.02:54
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teK_hey guys19:51
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frinnstsorry, zzz23:17
teK_good night23:17

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