IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-03-23

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frinnstyes sorry20:53
frinnstthis weekend?20:53
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teK_are you so sure about the git signing?20:58
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frinnstno :)21:38
teK_awesome :>21:40
teK_how's your sharepoint?21:40
teK_had to restart^Wkill a tomcat5.exe because it ate over 90% of the server's RAM (it's for displaying acheap webapp :>)21:40
teK_in a sharepoint iframe :D21:40
teK_with mssql and mysql21:41
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frinnstteK_: turns out we found a workaround (i think)23:19
teK_to what? sharepoint :P23:20
teK_ < was busy, too :>23:20
teK_ok githubs release feature really really sucks23:34

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