IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-03-24

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frinnstyep, github is pretty shite08:19
frinnstso i've reverted gtk3 locally to 3.18.x and locked the fucking port08:24
frinnstany objections to me reverting it in opt too?08:24
frinnstradio boxes, scrollbar seems utterly broken in firefox with 3.2008:24
frinnstomg, a customer is requesting a git repository!09:06
frinnstim so happy09:07
frinnsttomcat is pretty nice but alas the java crap does eat resources09:40
frinnstwe run a jira instance on windows for a customer. works ok09:40
teK_wow (wrt git repo)09:41
teK_ ihave the pleasure of using rt09:41
frinnstwe use RT internally09:42
teK_planned: sync between this and jira09:42
teK_WHAT could POSSIBLY go wrong09:42
teK_RT is heavilly modded but the separated structure they provide that was not strictly followed09:43
teK_and the guy doing it is a web/php/python guy, no perl insaniac :>09:43
frinnstdo you use rt for anything fancy? we only use it for support tickets and as a glorified mailbox for abuse@ and stuff like that09:45
teK_we have a ticket assignee "algorithm" because it's a bit comlicated09:45
teK_we have several heads of XXX and they have several worker bees and or deputies09:46
teK_quite some things are externally implemented and push stuff down RT's throat, i.e. mass ticket generation or gentle reminders about still open tickets or checking if the promised action in the ticket was _really_ carried out..09:47
teK_we have a custom dashboard for our weekly incident meeting09:47
frinnstwould you like to know how to uninstall "HP Client security" from a new laptop10:22
frinnstthe uninstaller fails because "Hewlett-Packard" is not a valid shortname10:23
frinnstif you can guess the answer without searching i'll give you everything I own10:23
frinnstalright I know you want to know the anser10:24
frinnsthere goes:10:24
frinnstdisable the dvd-drive in the device manager10:24
Romsterhow does hp client security rely on the optical drive10:52
frinnsti've given up on asking those types of questions15:41
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