IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-03-25

teK_frinnst: nice one01:16
teK_I hope to have a nice one, too01:23
Romsteris there no other lightweight signature checking tools?01:28
teK_what is not lightweight01:28
Romstersignify that's ported from BSD and you added some patches since the original maintainer on github hasn't done anything with it in 2 years?01:29
teK_I pulled the updates from upstream01:30
teK_the code _is_ lightweight01:30
Romsteryeah but /you/ had to pull the updates.01:30
Romsterlike no one is actively using it.01:30
teK_CVS_RSH=ssh ./ that was.01:31
teK_there are three other forks01:31
teK_I did not check them :-)01:31
Romsteryes i see 4 including yours and i didn't check them either other than the one you forked from.01:31
teK_I am very happy with the choices the openbsd guys made with both sha256 hashing and ed25519 signatures01:36
teK_any way.. I am off to bed01:37
Romsterok g'night01:51
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*** sudobaal has joined #crux-devel05:52
nebghello everyone... can somebody explain me when i need a device tree ? are they needed only for arm or is the future for everything and why ?12:49
teK_what do you mean by device tree? /dev/*?15:05
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Nomiusnebg: are you doing androig stuff?22:36

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