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rmullAny comments on this ~20% speed increase (for md5sum verification) and sloc reduction in pkgmk?
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Romsterrmull, has any of the old new missing etc stuff ever shown differently as a result of this?04:00
rmullSeems to continue to work in my contrived tests04:07
Romsterwhy not make a feature request in flyspray? and attach that patch04:17
Romsteralso do we really need --no-check-certificate on wget hard coded?04:19
Romstersince we have ca-certificates in core now04:20
Romsterand on the resume part --insecure04:22
Romsteri'll give that a test rmull in a docker container.04:23
NomiusNo one is using LXC instead of docker?04:26
Romsterwhat about make_md5sum ?04:26
Romsteri see you remove that04:26
Romsterah i see not needed there04:27
Romsteri honestly haven't tried just LXC Nomius04:28
NomiusI heard Alan Cox calling docker "the php of infrastructure"... :-P04:29
Romsterthere is alternatives in the works.04:29
Romsterbut this works for me.04:30
Romsteri'm not so sure on the error handling rmull04:33
Romsterunless it's garnteed that check_md5sum always has a .md5sum file to read from.04:35
Romsterah ok i see the the if and now that works.04:40
RomsterAn exit status of zero indicates success, and a nonzero value indicates failure.04:44
Romsterdoes not state if it has 1 or more levels of error codes.04:44
Romsterif [ "$?" = 1 ]; then04:44
Romstershouldn't we use < 004:45
NomiusYou should use if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then instead04:51
NomiusYou should never check less than 0 return status from commands as those are 8-bit int, hence > 0 ALWAYS04:52
Nomius"8-bit int" geez, that sounds horrible wording... My OS knowledge just went down the toilet :-P04:54
Romsteri didn't think negative error codes even existed04:54
Romster-ne 0 is the same as != 004:55
Romsterwhy is shell such a pain with it's own set of...04:55
NomiusWell, != is for strings :-)04:55
Romsteroh thought it works for integers too.04:56
NomiusYou need to "cast" them, like:04:56
Romsterthat's in C not shell though04:56
Nomiusif [ "$?" != "0" ]; then04:56
Romsteri see that's how i have done it except i actually know the difference between "" and ''04:57
Romsterif [ "$?" != '0' ]; then04:57
Romsterminor difference though.04:57
Romster'' does not evaluate saving a little time.04:58
Romsterok i am testing rmull's patch and i removed the insecure and ca certificate options to wget and not using a mirror.04:58
NomiusPowershell did it cleaner in that way, you can use -eq, or -ne for strings... They got years to learn from Unix scripting and how to improve it...04:59
Romsteri'll let it do a run on pkgmk -do -r first.04:59
Romstersee if wget really needs them insecure ssl options anymore.04:59
Romsteri use the power shell a little but when will there be other explorer.exe shells to use. and even drop to the console only. like powershell prompt without the explorer.exe running... not this boot into a dos prompt only GUI thing.05:01
jaegerthat won't likely ever happen05:01
Romsterthe copy and paste is a quirky on cmd.exe as it is on powershell.exe05:01
jaegerexplorer.exe is too much of the OS for that05:01
NomiusRomster: you have Windows core for that, that just boots in a command line shell05:03
Romsterwhile i am at this docker image i'll take note at what fails to download.05:04
Romstercheck url doesn't always catch them all.05:04
NomiusIs like a Windows without explorer.exe, so no taskbar, only the blue background from Windows 2000 plus a command line shell running cmd, not even powershell05:06
Romsterthey ought to replace cmd.exe completely with powershell05:08
Nomiuscmd is really crappy and powershell just feels sooo weird for bash users like us :-P05:10
Romsterit is but powershell is a bit better than cmd05:11
Nomius100% agreewith you05:12
Romsterlets face it i think there are parts of shell that shouldn't have existed. and some parts that should of been in all posix shells.05:12
jaegerthe grammar/spelling pedant in me stuck on that sentence for a bit :)06:09
jaegerYou used "shouldn't have" and "should of" in the same sentence06:09
jaegerWas just interesting, carry on :)06:10
frinnstcheers rmull06:42
Romsteroops sorry...08:45
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jaegerRomster: it wasn't a complaint, just interesting13:56
rmullRomster: Thanks for testing. I'm not a bash expert so it is possible that I am not using the proper return code checking style.14:18
rmullIt's functional, but I don't know about posix compliant or efficiency or anything else.14:18
Romsteri was oops because one of them is invalid grammar, and i should know better.16:15
frinnstI dont like that you dont see the offending file17:43
frinnstits generally ok but with ports that use lots of patches/sources it would be annoying i think17:44
rmullfrinnst: You do see the offending file - here's an example of a multi-source port with some broken md5s:
NomiusGood day guys!18:28
frinnstah ok18:33
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