IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-03-28

Romsterfrinnst, how does nss work nss-config is not installed and then the nss.pc file is invalid until the second time it's rebuilt.01:31
RomsterNSS_LIBS=`$PKG/usr/bin/nss-config --libs`01:32
Romster    NSS_CFLAGS=`$PKG/usr/bin/nss-config --cflags`01:32
Romsterfirst time run on installing that will give a invalid nss.pc file.01:33
Romsternevermind some how that does work before it is even installed.01:42
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frinnstso tek, can you give me a rundown on how signify is intended to work? I've installed your branch of pkgutils14:15
frinnstdo you have a signed test-repo ?14:46
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NomiusHi guys19:13
NomiusAnyone using deadbeef?19:13
NomiusAlso, looks like pulseaudio is kinda orphan in opt, so maybe someone should take over and upgrade from 5.0 to 8.0, since 5.0 is two years old already...19:16
Nomiusprologic: mind upgrading pip to 8.1.1? It's in 7.1.2 in contrib :-)19:17
jaegerNot I19:48
teK_frinnst: just a minute20:27
teK_I will upload an example core repo shortly20:27
teK_was force away from the computer by my wifey :P20:28
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frinnsthmm.. how do you easily delete a page?21:49
teK_not at all, I guess21:49
teK_edit it and put 'delete' in its body21:49
frinnstshall I start from the top or bottom?21:52
frinnstthis is fun21:57
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frinnstive done a bunch. off to bed now22:33
teK_finishing the wiki page for signing ...22:34

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