IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-03-29

RomsterteK_, i was expecting a key per a maintainer not per a repository.01:47
Romsterwhat we haev be fine for core compat-32 and xorg though but mixed opt and contrib ?01:48
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teK_I considered that, of course. I opted for one key per repo because the gains are minimal while key handling is more complicated11:02
teK_also note that we cannot enforce the usage of _one_ certain private key (per maintainer) on a per port basis as ther are vacations and other reasons why you could update my ports and vice versa11:12
frinnstjoy, more spam11:20
teK_the thing is ... updating pmwiki is quite some work this time as half our plugins wont work with newer versions11:20
frinnstset it read only for now?11:21
teK_sounds reasonable11:22
teK_can you do it?11:23
rmullOne thing I noticed in the signify doc is that openbsd signs their packages, but not their ports. Is that still true? Is it possible that the signify model is better suited for centralized infrequent distribution of stuff?12:01
rmullI want to make sure that we're not going with signify just because openbsd uses it12:02
frinnstnot sure how, but sure12:46
frinnst How do I make a read only wiki?12:52
frinnstIn config.php set an "edit" password.12:52
frinnstcant do that from work, sorry12:52
rmullIn which ways is signify better than using actual PGP keys?14:32
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frinnstso only me, jue and tek should be able to edit wikipages now14:56
frinnstbut doesnt seem to work..14:57
jaegerIs pmwiki still a good choice or should we look for something better?14:58
jaeger(ideally we'd upgrade, of course)14:58
frinnstawesome, rm Wiki.Quick <tab> * <enter>15:07
frinnstfile Wiki.Quick does not exist15:07
frinnsti suuuuuck15:08
frinnstI'll filter through my backups and restore everything not crap15:10
frinnstWiki.SignedPorts is still missing15:16
frinnstsorry tek15:24
frinnstI suck and fucked it up15:24
frinnstnot part of any backup that I can see15:24
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