IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-04-01

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teK__I need to hurry up.. Hous of Lies S05E01 is here20:29
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teK__done. The text does not look like I spent >2h writing it :O22:30
teK__frinnst: you owe me a beer22:30
teK__jue: please comment on, especially the key rotation process and the first bullet point of future extensions23:02
deus_exteK__: would future release isos also be gpg signed?23:07
teK__signify signed23:08
deus_exI meant signify and gpg signed.23:10
deus_exdevs sign master Crux gpg key, that key signs the release iso.23:11
deus_exweb of trust, and all that jazz :)23:11
deus_exor would it be overkill?23:13
deus_exprobably yes, since most people don't bother to check the iso checksum, let alone gpg signature :)23:16
teK__yeah as I wrote in my last mail.. it's CRUX/3rd party dev  and user23:17
teK__a rather smallish web23:17
deus_exafter 10 or so years of using Crux, I kinda trust the devs ;)23:18
deus_exand fear the wrath of fri2nst (misspelled on purpose, I don't want to wake him)23:20
teK__off to watch some shows <3 <323:22
deus_exhave fun23:22
deus_exI just watched Archer s07e1.awesome, as always23:23
teK__hm never watched that23:23
teK__maybe will do some time later23:23
teK__checkout (and take some quiet time) to watch horace and pete23:24
teK__< tbbt and house of lies NAO23:24
teK__peace out23:24
frinnsti *really* want to delete that page too, tek23:48

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