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rmullteK__: New nmap is out, 7.1213:18
deus_exq: why binutils has libiberty.h, but no libiberty.a?14:23
deus_exI wouldn't have noticed, but I compiled something, and it complained about missing library.14:23
deus_exfunnily enough, to enable libiberty install, I had to pass undocumented switch to configure (I don't see it in ouput of ./configure --help).14:26
deus_exOnly diff to current core/binutils .footprint are a few headers in usr/include/libiberty and libiberty.a.14:29
juepedja: good question, I just took a look and are not sure if we are doing the right thing here in binutils/gcc16:40
juewhat we are doing is: we install manually liberty.h from binutils and remove liberty.a form gcc?16:41
pedjabecause it would conflict with liberty.a from binutils, presumably :)16:42
pedjasince binutils-1.24, you have to explicitly enable libiberty install, according to gentoo comment in their port(?)16:44
jueyep, seems so. Starting with binutils 2.24 libiberty.a is missing16:45
pedjasorry, 2.2416:45
jueyeah, found that in our git16:46
jueso, what's the option to enable it?16:46
juepedja: would you be so kind to add a ticket with that issue, please?16:48
juethanks ;)16:49
pedjajue: fs#130617:00
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