IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2016-04-05

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jueteK__: sorry, I'm rather busy currently, but found some minutes today ;)08:57
jueteK__: the -cs option seem to have a issue ->
juewill do some more testing later, hopefully09:04
jueteK__: Note, for now I only look at the usability and the whole impact for the daily port maintainer work, not at security aspects09:07
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jaegerRomster: steam is missing mesa3d-32 as a dep18:07
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teK__jue: -cs checks the integrity of the 'port files' only, the binary package is not checked; this is OK imho, as binary packages may contain more files than the .footprint had, diferent content due to different CFLAGS etc.21:36
teK__i.e. check-signature does not look at binary packages in any way21:36
teK__that's an open topic btw, if we were to distribute binary packages one day, signify could be used, too21:37

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