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jueteK__: that's not what I see/mean: if the package has already been build it's not possible to check the signature of the port-files at all (I don't mean the binagy package), not a big issue but not what I'd expect04:48
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frinnstI will probably be crazy busy the rest of the week. Ill try to make sure my ports are up to date but if any of you see any security issues that can't wait, feel free to fix them08:21
frinnstI have updates for thunderbird and harfbuzz waiting to be pushed. I'll do that this evening08:22
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jueteK__: but at all it works very well, great work :)15:57
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teK__jue: I get that and agree, will look into it shortly. Thanks for checking it out19:50
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jueteK__: why did we switched to the devel version of gnupg (2.1.11)?20:32
teK__because I interpreted 'brand-new' differently than you? ;)20:39
jueseems so, but I'm not very happy with it20:41
teK__why is that?20:41
teK__did that switch break something?20:42
juehave problems togther with mutt20:42
teK__out of curiosity: which?20:42
jueand '--verify --keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve' doesn't work anymore20:43
teK__with error or were these switches removed?20:44
jueis strange:
teK__I think I had that one, too20:48
teK__give me a sec.20:48
juethe same with 2.0.30 just works20:48
teK__hm no.. that was an error with 2.0.29 and something different20:50
teK__works for me. wat.20:52
teK__I have the default gnupg.conf with nothing set at all20:53
jueyou mean gpg.conf?20:54
teK__ sed '/^#/d' ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf  or something like that ;)20:56
jueare you using mutt with gpg?20:58
teK__not at the moment21:05
teK__what's broken thre?21:11
teK__*there. I set mutt up now; yet I dont have my private parts with me atm :P21:11
juebasically it's the same as in
jueI tried the following without success -> see
juethe only thing that works is to set 'pinentry-mode loopback' in gpg.conf21:13
jueand 'allow-loopback-pinentry' in gpg-agent.conf21:14
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teK__hm okay.. bad without a private key.. I can revert back; we will have to see how things are once 2.1 is marked as stable21:16
juewell, I guess this will not happen in the foreseeable future ;)21:17
juewith 2.0.x the gpg configuration file that comes with mutt just works21:21
teK__I give in :P21:21
juebut one thing that struggles me is that the --verify command works for you21:22
juecould you please remove the key with 'gpg --delete-keys E41F32DF' and run the command again?21:34
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juetime to sleep, cu21:48
teK__bye bye21:50
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