IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-04-07

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juefrinnst: I'll leave video-ati and amdgpu to you13:10
jaegerhe's away for a few days, isn't he?13:32
jaegerwell, busy if not away13:32
frinnstI should have some time over tonight i think13:50
frinnsti cant test with amdgpu so anyone can update that13:53
deus_exjue: rebuild mutt with --enable-gpgme.that should help using it with gpg-2.1.x, iirc.14:07
juefrinnst: ok, will do amdgpu14:41
juedeus_ex: thanks for the tip, will try that; but finally I don't want gpgme14:45
frinnstIm going to go home and spend my evening debugging Microsoft Excel. Takes ~2 minutes to start for ONE user14:47
frinnsthappy times14:47
juetake care14:50
juepedja: indeed, works with gpgme15:02
pedjaI think freebsd enabled it when they switched to gpg-2.115:02
pedjaI am not an IT pro, but that looks more like a 'sipping single malt and cursing under the breath' debugging session15:09
frinnstno whiskey in the house im afraid :(15:13
pedjaas a rule, or you ran out of it?15:13
frinnstIm more into brandy15:13
frinnstand I dont want to soil that by associating it with shitty windows problems15:14
pedjared wine ftw15:15
frinnstoh god no. I cant drink red. I puke if I drink more than one glass15:16
pedjasame for me, but with brandy :)15:18
pedjaI can't stand the stuff15:18
pedjaor what passes for brandy in this neck of the woods15:19
frinnstXO or dont bother15:19
pedjaA friend of mine drank this once:
frinnstnice. We dont have much to choose from in my town15:26
pedjagranted, he *was* fixing the adsl in royal residence at the time15:27
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teK__jue: fixed pkgmk -cs23:06
teK__also, added some extension topics wrt maintaining with signatures23:09
teK__the last thing really really missing is a man page update and some more testing preferably by frinnst, Romster and jaeger but eveybody is welcome to give feedback23:10
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jaegerI'll try to put some time into it this weekend23:15
teK__if you like23:16
jaegerwell, you did ask for testing :)23:40

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