IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-04-13

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juefrinnst: got a footprint error for pango16:08
frinnstah right, my bad16:55
juehas anyone else tested teK__'s pkgmk with signing support?17:39
juebtw, it's easy to test because for ports without an .signature file pkgmk works as it works now, except a simple warning17:47
juefor testing I've used my private repo and leave the official stuff untouched17:47
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jueworks quite nice, for a maintainer the -is switch is important, because each change to the Pkgfile requires a -us which is annoying during testing17:51
jueat all I'm fine with it ;)17:52
jaegerI didn't get a chance to yet, unfortunately17:57
frinnstI havent really had time. I thought this week would be calmer but its not :/18:01
frinnsthere's hoping for next week \o/18:01
frinnstprt-get will need to become aware of it, right?18:02
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juewell, not necessarily, the --margs= option works with every option of pkgmk18:34
juecurrently not every pkgmk option is directly wrapped to prt-get, not sure if the m5sum and likewise the sign option make sense in that context18:38
frinnstyeah but --margs= is a bit painful to type every tiem18:39
frinnstwe should really add a shorter option before 3.318:39
juewell, I tend to say we should remove -um and -im ;)18:40
jueTBH, I never use prt-get to maintain ports but always only pkgmk/pkgadd, so I don't need these prt-get options18:42
frinnstI usually do. i keep a local port repo in ~/brew :)18:47
juehmm, so you have this dir in your prt-get.conf?18:47
jueI prefer to directly work in my git checkout directory18:50
jueand leave the dirs accessable by prt-get to the usual18:51
juewell, on of my most used prt-get command is 'diff' ;)18:52
frinnstI usually have some long-term "devel" ports such as firefox-betas and stuff18:58
jueor better said, I use prt-get only for ports I don't maintain myself and for these ports I don't need the special options18:58
jueso, if you have to do an update in ~/brew you use something like 'prt-get edit <port> Pkfile'?19:03
frinnstno, vim <port>/Pkgfile19:03
frinnstim not as fancy as you are :)19:03
jueok I'd do it even simpler: 'cd ~/brew/<port> ; vim Pkgfile ; pkgmk etc'19:05
frinnstI mostly use brew to make sure I dont get other versions when doing "prt-get -fr $(prt-get listinst)" tbh19:06
juemake sense, of course19:07
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