IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-04-20

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teK_hey boys, I'd like to push minor formatting improvements and and extending man page for pkgmk18:36
teK_afterwards, we are supposed to ship that sucker!!1 :)18:36
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frinnstI havent even tried your stuff tek D;21:06
frinnstbut Im hoping next week will be calm at work \o/21:07
teK_I'll be in Denmark next week :-)21:08
frinnstbe careful. danes are dangerous21:44
frinnstalso they talk gibberish only21:44
teK_I will stick to english only ;)21:45
teK_I pushed the changes to the signed branch22:05
teK_ready for merging.22:05
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teK_We still need to adjust prt-get.22:05
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