IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-04-22

jaegerMaybe I won't, heh. Doesn't look like it's worth the effort to get docker updated, what a mess it's become00:44
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teK_I'll take my ports by storm16:23
jueteK_: just to be sure, you got my mail wrt pinentry?16:32
jueok :)16:33
teK_had a lot of shit to do and policy is: finish things before starting new ones; I pushed the pkgutils thingies last night, so I have capacity for new stuff16:33
teK_i.e. thanks a lot, will look into this16:33
teK_1690 redis     20    0   0.203t 0.060t    1100 R 62.5 1 49.0    7355:11 /usr/bin/redis-server *:637916:35
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frinnsthaha wtf tek.. is that normal load?23:25
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