IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-04-23

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teK_it's from a not yet finished batch import10:25
teK_btw, der machine has 128GB RAM10:26
teK_and, iirc, virt == used mem in this instance10:26
teK_started bgsave-ing things for persistence yesterday; write performance is like 2MB/s or so10:26
teK_ok, I wrote 1GB / >50GB. Hints for debugging this without killing the process or restarting?10:28
teK_strace shows a ton of write() calls (obviously), nothing else10:29
teK_sda (RAID something) has 100% util in vmstat10:34
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frinnstwhat kind of storage ?17:19
frinnstspeaking of storage; we *really* need our new san! "Datastore Highest Latency" (223.0 Milliseconds) is above a defined threshold (75.0 Milliseconds)17:36
frinnstheh, btrfs scrub performance on raid10 is a lot better than on raid5 :-)17:47
frinnst~540MB/s as compared to ~80/MB/s17:48
jaegerThat's to be expected, hehe17:49
frinnstyeah raid5/6 is "incomplete" to say the least17:49
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