IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-04-27

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rmullCan one of you guys take care of this easy contrib version bump? There is nothing to do other than changing the version...
rmullAnd the manpath03:56
rmullIs that developer (Maximilian Dietrich) still active?03:57
rmullHe's not on the orphaned ports list03:57
juermull: seems broken ->
Romsterln -s config.def.h config.h08:23
jueRomster: I'll leave it to you, if you like08:45
Romsteri haven't been paying any attention to crux, been taking care of my mother lately. but i am doing some crux stuff just now.08:46
juegood to know that you are still active ;)08:47
Romsternot overly active.08:47
nebghello everyone how can i become an official crux developer ?10:55
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juenebg: read this document, please ->
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frinnstI had some email conversations with him a few months or so ago14:43
frinnsthe had no access to a crux box currently but hoped he would be back14:43
frinnstand felt bad he hadnt told us14:44
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