IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-04-29

rmullYou guys have any thoughts about the git driver's issues that I mentioned in the other channel? The "git clean" step wipes out all built packages and downloaded tarballs unless the system was configured for non-default storage locations for that stuf8f01:07
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teK_frinnst: can do, yeah13:18
teK_once I'm back home13:18
teK_still being fed fish each and every single day13:18
teK_stupid nordic people!13:18
frinnstfuck that14:05
frinnststupid danish people14:05
frinnstthey are *very* special14:05
teK_but there are so many blonde people in here =)14:17
teK_which is nice seeing :>14:17
teK_*hint* *hint*14:17
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