IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-05-06

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teK__% dig -t AAAA +short18:35
teK__fucking Hetzner18:35
teK__btw guys18:35
teK__frinnst, [jaeger, jue], Romster18:36
teK__what about our little signing project, push things?18:36
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frinnstIm afraid to say i havent tried it19:48
frinnstcrazy busy these days at work + dad has gotten sick19:49
frinnstyay for this year!19:49
frinnstmum died - what, 6 months ago? and dad got diagosed with this a few weeks ago:
teK_that's cancer, right?19:51
frinnstbut its more of a chronic disease rather than something deadly19:51
teK_I feel sorry, hope he manages to get better/into remission19:52
teK_chronic with which symptoms?19:52
frinnstbiggest issue is pain. he crushed 3 vertebrae and cant really do stuff so I have to help out a bunch19:52
frinnsthe has bone pains and anemia19:53
teK_chances of healing are?19:53
frinnst0% :(19:53
frinnstbut it usually goes into remission and quality of life is often very good19:53
teK_you seem to be supportive, that's a lot; so I wish the best for both of you19:54
teK_and I gues that remission is the best you can get with cancer...19:56
frinnstcheers. yeah chances of living a normal life are pretty high. treatment is usually worse than the symptoms19:57
teK_as long as there's hope, he will manage to get through this19:57
frinnsthes doing intensive chemo now and further up the road there will be stemcell transplants19:57
teK_even my grandpa started chemo with 86 years (then aborted, then died just a month ago)19:57
frinnstand something like 3 weeks in quarantine at the hospital since the immune system will be destroyed19:58
teK_but that's managable, I guess. He can read, watch movies, sleep as he likes19:58
frinnstyeah I was sorry to hear that19:58
teK_this probably was way worse in the olden days19:58
frinnsthehe yeah19:59
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frinnstright, got signify up and running on my test repo21:13
frinnstbiggest issue for me will be to type "-us" instead of "-um" when testing D;21:13
teK_alias it21:24
teK_gotta go21:24
teK_will report back tomorrow21:24
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