IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-05-07

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frinnst=======> Installing '/usr/ports/pkg/gcc#6.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.16:20
frinnstanyone else tried it yet?16:21
onoderafrinnst: does it offer some nice new things?17:02
onoderaand does it break a lot of packages?17:02
onoderaupdating I mean17:02
frinnstdont know, thats why I asked17:08
frinnstrebuilding my system now though17:08
frinnstGCC now supports the Intel CPU named Skylake with AVX-512 extensions through -march=skylake-avx512. The switch enables the following ISA extensions: AVX-512F, AVX512VL, AVX-512CD, AVX-512BW, AVX-512DQ.17:10
frinnstSupport for AMD Zen (family 17h) processors is now available through the -march=znver1 and -mtune=znver1 options.17:10
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frinnsthm. anybody know what this is?21:02
frinnstSubject: Post to denied: Re: [crux-devel] pkgutils reloaded21:02
frinnstguess someone subscribed a mailinglist to crux-devel?21:04
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