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teK_what's up with jue?10:12
frinnstvacation or something12:36
frinnst3 weeks12:36
frinnst1 or 2 remaining12:36
frinnstlost count, time flies :)12:37
frinnstI have 3 weeks coming up in two weeks time \o/12:37
teK_I used mine for working on non-vacationy stuff D:12:47
teK_as a reward, wife and son are going to berlin for a week starting tuesday12:47
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teK_btw.. I like Billionairs :}12:50
frinnsthavent seen it yet13:35
frinnstI will as usual do as little as possible with my vacation13:35
teK_winter sleep in May :>13:38
onoderahmm doesn't crux have a texinfo package13:42
onoderait's in the core repo of most distros it seems13:42
teK_man > info :}13:45
onoderaI'm trying to compile ^, but it seems to require nameinfo, provided by texinfo it seems13:46
teK_not very nice :D13:47
teK_create an issue on gh including that pun13:47
rmullopt/qt5 needs a bump 5.5.1 -> 5.6.014:42
rmullRomster: I guess that's you. You do everything around here, sheesh14:42
teK_na, breaking things is my and frinnst' department :>15:50
teK_I was asking for jue because I still want to push our package signing efforts forward. Any comments, jaeger, frinnst?16:12
teK_maybe Romster too :)16:13
teK_otherwhise we could offer some kind of public beta16:13
jaegerI've been too busy lately and never got a chance to try it out. Maybe I can this week. With that said, I don't have any particular objection to it, as long as it works16:14
teK_yeah and this is my point, I'd like to have more than one tester (me!) ...16:15
teK_I do think it works, of course16:16
jaegersorry, I do mean to give it a try16:17
teK_no need to excuse :-)16:18
teK_oh and by the way, I'd like to at least consider the local patching proposal from the ML16:28
teK_and alan's build resuming maybe, too16:28
jaegerhrmm, seems like docker and our version of ca-certificates don't get along. charming16:45
teK_is ours current?16:46
teK_oh and I think we finally ought to fix pkgmk and github (by adjusting pkgmk...)16:46
teK_I will try to write something up; maybe tonight16:46
jaegerI don't know if it's current but go just doesn't seem to like the format16:46
teK_wifey is out of town ;>16:46
jaegerthat would be nice to have, yes16:47
frinnstits tricky to test without having the repos signed, obviosly16:47
frinnstid say we should aim to include it in 3.316:47
teK_it's rather easy to do, yet ugly because they are pricks ;-)16:47
teK_what, the gh fix?16:47
teK_we could push it immediately imho16:47
teK_oh ok16:47
teK_well, time for a new release, then16:47
frinnstgcc 6.1 and new glibc too16:47
teK_new gcc16:48
teK_frinnst: how can I test drive the new gcc; bump it?16:48
teK_also: we might do another, final, shot at full disk encryption :D16:48
frinnstwait till jue gets back, have a talk and aim to branch off 3.3?16:49
teK_of course16:49
teK_he's the man16:49
frinnsta release should be doable this summer16:49
frinnstsepen expressed some concerns regarding signify to me; didnt think it was KISS enough16:50
frinnstI disagree with that, signify is nice16:50
teK_yeah, if we have 'that much time' I'd like to call for a broader test of signify.16:50
teK_frinnst: in here?16:50
frinnstbut would be nice with some discussions16:50
frinnstnah, via email16:50
teK_didnt see them (or disregarded them ;))16:51
teK_he must have mixed up recipients.. did I get that, too?16:51
frinnstwe should summon sepen to irc to discuss it. Its important to get everyones opinion16:51
teK_doesnt look like I got somethig from a sepen@ wrt signify16:51
teK_I can write him16:51
frinnstnah, i emailed him regarding a port that needed updating and we had a discussion about it16:52
teK_oh ok16:52
frinnsthe mostly felt it hadnt been discussed enough and was worried it was pushed in16:53
teK_taking part in public conversation or in here would help :\16:53
frinnstyeah. I think he promised the wife he wouldnt irc or something :D16:53
frinnstpitillo can you confirm sepen is whipped? :D16:54
teK_he can do it secretly.16:54
teK_At work.16:54
teK_via his cell phone.16:54
teK_At the gent's restroom.16:54
frinnstwe should insult him more on irc; that would wake him up16:54
frinnsthe does read the irc logs daily it seems :D16:55
teK_wat :D16:58
teK_FUCK that guy16:58
frinnstyeah, sepen sucks!16:58
teK_sneaky spanish folks...16:58
teK_didnt have the signing key for the mail you just received, oh the irony17:19
pitillofrinnst: no idea, last info from him was he will be out (last week). Not much more info about him17:57
pitilloprobbly he keeps an eye on irc logs and mail17:57
jaegerperhaps linux-firmware can go into the ISO for 3.3 as well18:46
teK_yeah, we could split it in network + storage and the bloody rest19:30
teK_so just the former would have to go in19:30
teK_or leave it and split jut for the ISO19:30
jaegeryeah, I wonder if there's any benefit to one approach over the other, other than size19:56
teK_size matters for our iso, imho19:56
teK_and splitting should be O(n) effort first time, O(1) for new files19:57
jaegerthat's why I mentioned the "other than size" bit :D19:57
teK_well I'll have to do that either way ;)19:58
teK_frinnst: did you just install the new gcc and rebuild "randomly" all the things or was there more20:02
onoderasize does matter, however some computers (especially laptops) don't really work without it20:16
frinnstteK_: pretty much, yeah20:18
frinnstprt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)20:18
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