IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-05-18

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frinnstthanks pedja, thats how I wish all bugreports looked like :)18:12
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jaegerpedja: looks like go works with the patched root_linux.go after all... I have no idea how I did it wrong when I tried it, heh21:12
pedjajaeger: go is weird that way :)21:16
jaegerand in so many other ways21:17
pedjayeah.I looked at the packer source code, to see how they added qemu support.Still have nightmares...21:18
pedjaSince libvirt has go bindings now, someone will add libvirt support to packer.One day :)21:20
pedjaIt supports all the other cool kids(openstack, azure, triton, DO, etc.)21:21
pedjajaeger: Any luck with nvidia and 2.6?Or we wait for nvidia to fix its shit? :)21:22
pedjagranted, kernel devs broke nvidia driver quite a few times between rc2 and final 2.621:23
jaegerI haven't tried it. I rarely use the latest bleeding edge kernel for reasons like this :)21:24
jaegerIf you have a patch that applies to the -sl version and you've tested it, I can push that update21:24
pedjano, I am back at 4.5.4 :)21:25
jaegerpedja, Romster: I uploaded another docker-ports.tar.xz - it doesn't use ca-certificates-alt, adds docker bash-completion, and has a slightly better docker rc script21:27
pedjayou've been busy, I see21:28
jaegerI'm confident in the ports at this point; I built the entirety of MATE 1.14 in docker plus some centos stuff for work, all went smoothly21:29
pedjadoes every Crux dev has a .ninja domain?perks of the job, I guess :)21:33
teK_I only have .de :\21:34
jaegerI think it's just me, heh. I bought a while back21:34
frinnstguru ftw21:37
frinnsti was just bored when i got mine21:38
frinnstalso i wanted to be as cool as jaeger21:38
pedjaany ETA on 'prt-get depupdate' :) ?it would be handy right about now21:40
teK_who is working on that?21:41
jaegerNot I; I have zero interest in c++21:41
teK_I have interest in that feature21:41
jaegerme too :) just not c++21:41
teK_as I am forbidden to hack up github support (;)) I could look at that21:42
teK_I dspise C++ :]21:42
pedjajaeger: runc build fails, go-md2man is missing.21:42
teK_pedja: you _are_ talking about something like:  for each package that needs an update: do check all dependencies if they are installed, if not do one of (ignore & continue|show missing dependency & exit|install new depedency|depinst new dependency)21:44
jaegerpedja: go-md2man is in the tarball, guess it needs to be added to runc as a dep21:47
jaegerupdated the Pkgfile21:48
jaegerthanks for pointing that out21:48
pedjacould you just pre-generate the manpages, since you already repackage the runc tarball?21:52
jaegerI suppose21:53
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pedjaI hate their 'just use docker to build' attitude.21:55
pedjagrumble,grumble, get off my lawn, you crazy kids21:56
pedjamaybe i just don't get all the docker hype...21:57
pedjabut Joyent's Triton looks like a sanest way to run them21:58
pedjaaccording to Cantrill, anyway ;)22:00
jaegerI don't like self-hosting things for some reason, hehe22:00
pedjabtw, his talk on jails and Zones is incredible.22:00
jaegerhe has a lot of good talks22:01
pedjatalks/rants/standups :)22:02
pedja'ubuntu kills kittens' is a classic22:02
jaegerheh, haven't seen that one22:05
pedjainterview for BSDnow22:10
jaegerfrinnst: does lxappearance work with gtk3 themes?22:52

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