IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-05-19

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frinnstjaeger: yeah06:20
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deus_exjaeger: I am testing nvidia-346.19 on far, so good.19:48
deus_exno errors in xorg and kernel logs, few OpenGL games and apps I tried work fine(xonotic, FS2, Stellarium..)19:51
jaegerdo you mean 364.19? and is that with a patch or no?21:29
onoderaerm, is there some problem with nvida on 4.622:18
onodera(I just ran a make install and haven't rebooted yet)22:19
jaegerThere was some talk of it recently, yes. I don't run 4.6 here so not sure22:34
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onoderaerm, so I just booted into 4.6, and nvidia fails when compiling23:19
deus_exjaeger: yes, 364.19, patched to compile.sorry about the confusion :)23:21
onoderaah arch provides a patch23:23
deus_extoo intrusive, it doesn't check if you have 4.5 or 4.6 kernel.23:23
jaegerdoes it break on 4.5 with the patch?23:28
onoderaerm, my phone just died, and I frogt the exact patch link to wget, could anyone please post a link to the plaintext patch here :)23:28
deus_exno, the patch checks the kernel version.23:28
onoderaI'm in a tty atm23:28
deus_exjaeger: I'll test it a bit more, then attach it to FS, so you can take a that ok?23:32
deus_exI can do it now, if you like.23:33
jaegerup to you :) I don't plan to use 4.6 myself, so no rush here, hehe23:34
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deus_exwell, I didn't plan to use it either, but I was bored and curious :)23:36
jaegerfair enough23:37
deus_exgood thing I did, they finally fixed the audio for my analog tv card.23:39
deus_exnvidia-lts is still broken on 4.6, so you could post a big scary warning to the ml ;)23:41
deus_exaltough i expect a new nvidia releases soonish.23:43
deus_exfor the gtx-1080 series23:44
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deus_ex'best card Nvidia ever produced', reviews say :)23:46
deus_exand it kicks dual AMD cards :).for 600$/250W.nice.23:47

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