IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2016-05-21

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rmulljaeger: FYI opt/nvidia does not build on linux 4.619:02
onoderarmull: arch has a patch that fixes this19:04
rmullYes, I see it, but jaeger's the maintainer19:05
rmullSo I am reporting it19:05
onoderaI'm pretty sure he knows about the patch, I think he said (it might have been someone else though), that the patch breaks non 4.6 builds19:06
rmullOkay, good info, thanks19:07
rmull364.19 doesn't seem to build on linux 4.4, I wonder if it builds on 4.6. I'd have to reboot and see19:08
rmullNot going to bother at the moment19:08
onodera364.19 being nvidia-sl?19:09
onoderafor be it build on 4.6 (with the arch patch applied)19:09
rmullHuh, I actually didn't even realized it was packaged separately...19:13
rmullSo it doesn't build without the patch on 4.6?19:13
rmullSounds like I'll be sticking with non-sl nvidia and linux-4.4 for the time being19:16
onoderanvidia-sl does build with the patch on 4.619:32
jaegerrmull: yeah, it's been mentioned very recently. I'm pretty much waiting for nvidia to release a new driver since the -sl branch reportedly works and there's new hardware out19:56
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rmullcool, thanks to you both20:15
jaegernp. If it takes too long or turns out there's a need to patch the ll version I'll do it but I figure there's likely a new release soon20:51
jaegerIf there's a need to get the ll version running with 4.6 before then, that is20:51

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