IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-05-25

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teK_by the way.. I am looking for the possibility of adding the depupdate command to prt-get21:57
teK_boy, this monster has quite some strange design decisions in it21:57
teK_bool InstallTransaction::calculateDependencies()21:58
teK_    if ( m_depCalced ) {21:58
teK_        return true;21:58
teK_    }21:58
teK_also -- for weird formatting21:59
teK_maybe I should push my own packaging tool a little more..22:00
onoderatbh I've never been a fap of prt-get (well I do love it as well), for example, I dislike how it doesn't work in random directories like pkgmk, but only in dirs specified by the config22:01
teK_but I earned me some fin C++ first *shiver*22:01
teK_onodera: I don't get that. How should it work differently?22:01
teK_it works in 'any' directory on all dirs in /etc/prt-get.conf22:01
onoderaI created a recursive dependency lister and installer that work pretty much exactly the same as pkgmk (there is depmk that installs dependencies as opposed to listing them)22:02
onoderaentirely written in sh, no prt-get used!22:02
onoderateK_: for example, with my tool, depmk, I could clone some git repo with ports, cd into a port, install the dependencies, and install the port22:03
teK_sorry but pkgmk does not recurse anywhere :)22:03
onoderawith prt-get I first need to add the cloned git repo as a prtdir22:03
teK_yeah but you clone/add once and update many22:04
jaegerIn my rewrite that hasn't gotten far yet, the one tool does both22:04
jaegerI do think that's a feature we should have22:04
teK_so I dont see the issue here; yet I'd love to see a simple interface to something like mpup to be able to quickly adopt single non-official _single_ ports22:04
teK_jaeger: dependecy tracking and building?22:05
jaegeryeah... I'm not saying pkgmk and prt-get need it, I meant in the (eventual) rewrite22:06
teK_my guess is that there are two options regarding implementation:22:06
teK_a) do it all in shell and be able to merge this (or dont, I dont see the large benefit)22:07
teK_b) do building and parsing in shell because its stupidly easy and do the rest in any language you like22:07
teK_I did my rewrite in C. I wont parse Pkgfiles with that ;)22:07
onoderacheck out the package manager from sabotage linux, butch22:09
jaegerMine is in C as well but pkgmk remains bash22:09
onoderait's a 2000 line c file and does some really oringal things22:09
teK_jaeger: it's the sane choice, I think22:09
teK_I might, onodera22:09
onoderabtw teK_ there is a new git version22:10
onoderaand while I'm at it, 3.8.2 for mercurial22:11
teK_I need to retrieve my ck4up conf somehow..22:12
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jaegerteK_: I can't seem to edit the orphanedports page, nothing I enter in the name/password form works. I can log in but can't get past that. Would you remove docker and go from the list for me?23:12
teK_got carried away from prt-get and hacking on my own thingy, BTW :P23:13
jaegerok :)23:13
teK_the timestamps of the code remind me why I stopped working on it in late 2014 :o23:13
teK_development took so long that tar's semantic changed and broke binary package extraction :P23:24

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