IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2016-05-30

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rmullteK_: 404 on contrib/libreoffice, suggest bumping to 5.1.3 during the fix03:30
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onoderajue: Hi, could you please move the opt/mutt man page from /usr/man to /usr/share/man16:01
onoderaalso the port has some core packages listed in the depends on list.16:02
jueonodera: will move the man-page, forgot it, thanks for the hint16:06
juethe deps are correct because mutt links against the libraries, we have to list that even if they are part of a core-port16:07
onoderaoh I didn't know that16:31
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teK_who is up for some more systemd discussions? :>22:26
teK_rmull: done22:27
onoderateK_: could you please move the opt/mpc man location :)22:34
teK_some time, yes22:36
onoderaoh did I ask you already? If I did I'm sorry :)22:47
teK_no problem.. I had to fight back from the dead^Woverhung actually :P22:48
teK_btw onodera I also implemented the do something meaningful in 'pkg' when run without arguments23:02
teK_it will call pkgmk then or if one or more binary package file names are given will install them23:02
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