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Romsterjaeger, i updated my kernel fro, 3.18.29 to 3.18.34 and sysuped everything including docker, with it's two new dependencies and then i noticed it removed my /etc/docker.conf file on me so i made a new file with my thin provision lvm logical volume but i still get this damn error message.02:31
Romsterdevice-mapper: table: 253:19: thin: Couldn't open thin internal device02:31
Romsterso now i can't get docker to work02:31
Romstercat /etc/docker.conf02:32
RomsterOPTS="-p /var/run/ --storage-opt dm.basesize=50G --storage-opt dm.thinpooldev=/dev/mapper/data-docker_thin_data"02:32
Romster  LV               VG   Attr       LSize    Pool Origin Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert02:32
Romster  docker_thin_data data twi-a-tz--  100.00g             66.11  0.5602:32
Romsterhaven't found much on the issue yet02:33
jaegerdoes docker pick up docker.conf automatically?02:35
jaegeris the daemon running with those options?02:36
jaegerWhat does 'docker info' say about it?02:36
Romsteri think the Pkgfile isn't installing /etc/docker.conf so that's why my docker.conf got removed.02:37
Romsteri can't start the docker daemon02:38
jaegerI don't even use docker.conf, it isn't required02:38
Romsterit is when i have a thin pool LV backend02:38
jaegerHow so?02:39
Romsterspecifically i have to set --storage-opt dm.thinpooldev= unless that has also changed now?02:39
jaegerI assume that can be done on the command line since you've put it in an OPTS var02:40
Romsterbut i did try to run it without that option after updating docker removed docker.conf so my /var/lib/docker/ or some location is probably messed up now02:40
Romsterof course uh doesn't the /etc/rc.d/docker script source /etc/docker.conf i didn't check that02:40
jaegerah, yes, I see --storage-opt is an option02:40
jaegerit does not, which is why I asked02:41
Romsterthis was working fine before i updated, did you edit /etc/rc.d/docker at all on your updates?02:41
RomsterACTION goes to check git diff02:42
jaegerIt didn't have one before, I added it02:42
jaegeror maybe it did? I'm confused now02:43
jaegerLooks like it did02:43
jaegerAnd the old one sourced docker.conf02:43
Romsterand you provide the docker.conf template but it's not installed02:43
jaegeryeah. It wasn't in my docker tree02:44
jaegerI copied mine into the contrib one without checking what was there first, oop02:44
Romsterah no wonder i can't start this it's not sourcing /etc/docker.conf02:44
jaegerBecause I didn't use prologic's version, I wrote my own02:44
jaegersince his docker was out of date02:44
Romsteri didn't think to check the service file didn't think there was anyhting in there that needed changing.02:44
jaegerI'll fix it up a bit02:45
Romsteralso as it stands if i use the OPS arg in /etc/docker.conf it'll over ride the pid file option02:46
Romsterand the group hmm i didn't specify that either.02:47
RomsterOPTS="-p /var/run/ -G docker --storage-opt dm.basesize=50G --storage-opt dm.thinpooldev=/dev/mapper/data-docker_thin_data"02:47
Romsterso i need to do that currently than just to set02:47
Romster--storage-opt dm.basesize=50G --storage-opt dm.thinpooldev=/dev/mapper/data-docker_thin_data"02:47
jaegerthe daemon will run without it for what that's worth02:48
Romsteri should of tested it sooner but i was really busy.02:48
jaegeror you could temporarily change your rc to source it until I fix it02:48
Romsteri don't need it untl tonight i'll just edit /etc/rc.d/docker for now and it'll get over written on update.02:49
Romsteri didn't dig in there to see why i assumed it read /etc/dcker.conf still. my bad.02:49
jaegerIt probably should, to be consistent with the previous version02:50
jaegerbut I missed it since this was from scratch, not an update of his version02:50
Romsteri am probably the only one using a a thin-pool with docker.02:50
jaegerI doubt that, since docker explicitly says not to use loop devices :)02:51
Romsterand it defautls to a loop mounted device mapper LV file if btrfs is not found. also docker wont build without btrfs-progs installed still? or is that a soft dependency now?02:52
Romsterhaving that hard coded in docker as required is stupid IMO.02:52
jaegerIt won't build without. Might be a config switch to change that but I preferred to leave the option in02:52
Romstercould make it a soft dependency if possible.02:53
Romsterbuild it in if found.02:53
Romsterbut i doubt they fixed that02:53
Romsterheading back to work02:53
nomiusWow, you guys are really playing with docker :-)03:38
nomiusThere's no docker-bin, right?04:07
jaegeryou can probably get a binary from upstream if that's what you mean04:07
nomiusYeap, found it, thanks jaeger04:18
nomiusI played with systemd this past weekend due to the nature of my work...04:19
nomiusI'm still trying to figure out what's on Lennart head's...04:20
Worksterjaeger, regarding docker shouldn't there be a pre-install for adding the group 'docker'?06:04
Worksteroh and OPTs in docker.conf should be commented out by default06:06
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frinnstdelivery second week in june :/08:50
frinnstlooks very interesting though08:50
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jaegerRomster: sorry, I answered in the wrong channel14:13
jaeger08:56 <@jaeger> Romster: it's set to a sane default rather than commented out. And there is a pre-install.14:13
frinnstjaeger: seems there are 2 init-scripts for docker in contrib/docker17:10
frinnst"docker" and "docker.rc"17:10
jaegernot anymore17:11
jaegerd5bc156b9df421a306d11b7f8366024bb458814b fixed that17:11
jaegerlast night17:11
frinnstah, sorry. building it on one machine and hadnt synced my ports on my workstation :)17:12
jaegerok, no worries17:12
jaegerteK_: forwarded you an email about opt/mplayer, another packager/maintainer confusion17:30
teK_not sure if a19:22
teK_bug at all19:22
teK_will reply, thx19:22
teK_I dont have libmng installed19:25
jaegerI don't use mplayer so I didn't check it out19:30
frinnstI do and i have libmng installed19:45
frinnstwhats up?19:45
frinnstIn 259.3 Mb/s19:48
frinnstfinally found something to test my bandwidth with19:48
jaegersomeone reported that mplayer requires libmng19:51
frinnstwell mplayer has linked against libmng on my system19:51
frinnstbut doubt its required19:51
frinnstlets see19:52
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/mplayer#2016-02-17-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.19:54
frinnstso whats needed to run docker? everything installed, the kernel-config-scripts reports green and the docker group has been created19:57
frinnstWarning: failed to get default registry endpoint from daemon (Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. blablabla19:57
frinnstand the daemon is running obviously19:57
frinnstdocker.sock is owned by root:root though, but maybe thats not important (running everything as root currently anyways)19:58
teK_strace? :)20:00
teK_mutt can reply to mails received as an attachment (of another mail) :}20:01
jaegersrw-rw---- 1 root docker    0 May 27 20:46 /var/run/docker.sock20:01
jaegeryou have the docker group and you're in it?20:04
nomiusHe's running everything as root...20:05
nomiusPlease check that you really have the docker daemon listening and that the socket is not something that was left over... (Heck! systemd can do cleanup when you close the sesion! :-P)20:06
frinnsthm, no created. must have missed somethign20:06
frinnstanyways, too late to mess with this now20:06
jaegercheck the docker logfile next time you look at it, I guess20:09
frinnstcompletely empty20:09
jaegerhrmm... and the process itself?20:09
jaegermine is: /usr/bin/docker daemon -p /var/run/ -G docker20:09
frinnstquickly bails out: ERRO[0001] There are no more loopback devices available.20:11
frinnsttook a while to find "docker daemon" since im apparantly blind20:12
jaegerAh, load the loop module20:12
jaegerFor some reason it doesn't do that automatically20:12
frinnstI use btrfs so manually using -s btrfs -g /mountpoint seems to have worked20:13
frinnstINFO[0001] API listen on /var/run/docker.sock20:13
jaegerI should switch mine to use btrfs, zfs, or devicemapper thin or something20:13
jaegerI'm still using loop because I haven't tried the others yet20:13
frinnstcrux                         CRUX is a lightweight Linux distribution t...   14        [OK]20:13
frinnstso now what? docker pull is done20:18
frinnst.. or maybe i should just read the docks instead of annoying everyone in here :)20:18
jaegersimplest thing would be something like: docker run -it crux /bin/bash20:18
jaeger'docker ps' and 'docker images' will show you what's running and what images you have20:18
jaegeradd -a to the ps if you want to see stopped containers20:19
frinnstcheers! just synced the 3.1 repos :>20:19
jaegerguess the image needs updating20:19
frinnstyeah. one of prologics projects perhaps20:20
frinnstiirc romster had a 3.2 image20:20
frinnstanyways, zzz20:20
frinnstand cheers for the help20:20
jaegernp, have a good night20:21
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