IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-06-01

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rmullteK_: Can this be closed re: HTTPS on
rmulljaeger: This can be closed, running it on 4.6.0 with no problems:
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rmulljaeger: I got in touch with Alan M (maintainer of opt/pulseaudio) and he says he's willing to hand it over to you16:13
jaegerI've had good results with later versions but I disable bluetooth, which might be important for some people. I'll ask him what he thinks about that16:19
jaegerIf that's not a problem, I'll take it over16:26
jaegerrmull: regarding FS#1319, you're using the newer nvidia driver rather than -sl, right?16:30
rmulljaeger: Correct16:47
jaegerok. Just wanted to make sure I understood that nvidia-sl hadn't inexplicably started working :D16:49
jaegerclosed, thanks for the update16:51
teK_rmull: one last piece is missing20:07
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teK_it seems, I am not the only one who copied sshd's init-script (jaeger, docker) :)20:33
jaegerI've used sshd as a base for more than a few :)21:18
jaegerWhy remake something good? hehe21:18
teK_hehe, same here21:18
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jaegerI wonder what the best docker storage driver is to use on a system with a single drive and no extra LVM device23:44
jaegerprobably best to leave it as loop unless I repartition the disk to add an LVM partition23:48
jaegersame with a btrfs partition23:52
jaegerI guess I have plenty of room to add a partition to play with23:54

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