IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-06-02

jaegerwow, that was a surprising pain in the dick to accomplish01:25
jaeger$ docker info | egrep 'Storage|Pool Name|Backing'01:26
jaegerStorage Driver: devicemapper01:26
jaeger Pool Name: vg01-docker--thinpool01:26
jaeger Backing Filesystem: ext401:26
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juejaeger, frinnst: eudev 3.2 is out! Works well for me and there are only a few small changes since 3.1.5, but would be nice if you could give it a try ;)16:51
frinnstyeah I noticed the ck4up mail17:23
frinnstjust a version bump?17:23
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rmullopt/serf (a dependency of opt/subversion) is 40419:06
rmullNew URL should be
rmullActually, on that note, grep -R googlecode for ports that need their URLs updated. googlecode is permanently offline I think.19:22
rmullThere are a bunch in contrib19:23
jaegerfewer than I expected19:45
jaegerjue: sure, will give it a look19:45
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frinnstso far so good21:33
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jaegerjue: seems fine so far for me, too, though I haven't used it for long yet22:36
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