IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2016-06-12

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rmullAnyone want to replace the contrib/serf URL which currently points to googlecode?$name-$version.tar.bz2 is what it should be01:13
rmulloh sorry, opt, not contrib01:14
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Romsterare our certificates out of date/expired? steam wont connect with ssl and pidgin wont either.04:45
Romsterrmull, fixed04:49
Romsterjue, wvdials source and home page are 40405:00
jueRomster: thanks, will fix10:01
jueRomster: no, our certs are the latest from mozilla10:01
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frinnstI've created a 3.3 core branch14:46
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juefrinnst: great, looks like a plan :)18:05
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frinnstso I upgraded the toolchain somewhat and added signify from contrib to core. Should i package a tarball of pkgutils? suggestions on the versioning? 5.40?20:05
frinnstmore to come :)20:06

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