IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2016-06-15

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Worksterare we working on 3.3 already?05:03
Worksterhmm looks that way05:05
Worksteri don't have the signed key yet tek can that be sent to me some way?05:15
juefrinnst: yeah, see the vi problem too, will try to fix it later07:00
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juefrinnst: same with latest from git, will report that upstream08:20
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frinnstWorkster: nobody does :)08:52
frinnst<@frinnst> pushed 3.3 ports with my key. I'll roll a new prtutils release tomorrow and filesystem containing the pub key08:52
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frinnsthm, gitweb freaked out again17:22
frinnstfatal: loose object cc70834811bed5001c1aa3e86a64eeb47448dbcd (stored in /home/crux/scm/tools/pkgutils.git/objects/cc/70834811bed5001c1aa3e86a64eeb47448dbcd) is corrupt, referer:
jaegermaybe pkgutils.git needs a git fsck17:29
frinnstdoes one dare run git fsck on it?17:29
jaegerback it up first fi you're not sure :)17:30
jaegers/fi /if /17:30
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frinnstthere we go17:35
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jaegerguess I'm missing some fonts -
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jaegeroops, meant for #crux, sorry22:54
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