IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-06-16

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teK_Workster: I will check to send it to you via a secure channel21:21
teK_guys, can we do the key exchange on saturday please21:24
frinnsti've already pushed with another key21:39
frinnstsure we can easily redo it, i dont mind21:40
frinnstthe core pub-key has been added to prtutils in 3.321:42
teK_I dont mind. We need to distribute it securely21:44
teK_you know that probably :)21:44
teK_btw why do we need to stick with md5sum for git reasons21:44
teK_I just read your comment and am too lazy to think it through, work has been a blast for the last 10 days21:45
frinnstthe pub-key should obviously be distributed as much as possible :)21:54
frinnstthe current priv key is nice and snug right here at the moment21:54
teK_what about the merge conflicts22:05
frinnstwhen merging 3.2 into 3.3 during devel period?22:06
teK_got it22:07
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