IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2016-06-17

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frinnstwhat functionality does nettle add to mesa3d?14:27
Romsterfrinnst, i really don't know but mesa3d will build about 6 video drivers with nettle if it is present.14:39
frinnstsounds strange15:35
frinnsthah fist ddg hit when searching mesa3d nettle is a page with crux builds15:36
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frinnstim looking through the linux-firmware repo and oh my its messy19:38
frinnstthere are ~60 different licenses in the root dir19:40
frinnstall licences grant free distribution rights afaik19:41
frinnstas long as you include the license with the distributed files19:41
frinnstsplitting out different types of firmware to different packages would be pretty simple to do *today* but would require us to track new additions pretty closely19:42
frinnstsince they are just dumped in the tree without any subdirs telling you what kind of hardware the firmware is for19:43
frinnstit could be easily checked on though, if someone with enough interest would be willing to do it19:43
frinnstim not keen on it at all, myself :)19:43
frinnsti'd rather just ship a single port with all the firmware19:44
frinnstdiskspace cost of the entire repo would be ~140mb in /lib/firmware19:46

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