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Romsteri had it mostly done but didn't finish it yet02:37
Romsteralanco polkit is 2 years old version 0.113 is out02:38
Romsternot checked anything else being old.02:38
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jaegerRomster: if you've still got some time, libsecret still needs libgcrypt as a dep03:31
Worksterjaeger, i have that as optional05:18
jaegerIt isn't, as far as I can see05:18
jaegeroptional, I mean05:18
Worksternew version .5 testing deps05:18
Workstereveryone moans at me when i introduce too many deps to a package05:19
jaegerI'm talking about a single dep and I don't think it's a choice in this case05:19
Worksteri know :) and it's missing intiltool too05:20
jaegerI guess libsecret has a --disable-gcrypt option, somehow I missed that05:21
jaegersounds fairly ominous, though05:21
jaeger"without gcrypt and transport encryption"05:21
Worksteryeah i'll just add it as a hard dep05:22
jaegerI overlaid it in the mate repo anyway due to gobject-introspection so if you want to strip down the deps on the contrib version it wouldn't be a problem for me05:24
Worksteroh i could of added that as a hard dep....05:24
Worksterseems pretty common now05:25
jaegerIt's a pretty small change but I don't have a strong opinion about it05:25
Worksteryou don't need vala ?05:26
jaegerI don't think so05:26
jaegerI might end up with it installed for gcr, I guess05:28
Workstermake it easier for you jaeger05:29
Worksteroops i spelled added wrong05:29
Workstergobject-introspection isn't heavy or many deps anyways05:30
jaegerok, I'll give it a look05:31
Worksterlooks like libarcive needs a bump jaeger tillman pointed out05:52
Worksterdo you build mate in a clean docker container jaeger ?05:52
Worksteror do you just use a VM05:53
jaegerusually a VM but no reason it wouldn't work in docker05:54
Worksteri use docker all the time now for port testing06:01
Worksterworking on automating it through06:02
jaegerI use it here and there06:02
frinnstI'll look at libarchive06:58
frinnstdamnit, 3.3 still announces to the ml07:05
frinnstforgot about that07:05
Worksterit's 3.3 who cares, we are smart enough to see it's not 3.207:14
Worksterand it's nice to see what the progress of 3.3 is07:15
frinnstbut people will start to ask WHERE IS 3.3 OMG IM USING AN OLD VERSION07:23
frinnstthey always do :)07:23
Romsterheh i have noticed that07:52
Romsterand the same answer is when it is ready07:52
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juesorry, was some days offline, hope I didn't miss something important10:39
juehmm, sudo 1.8.17 is kinda broken, it creates new files with the group of the caller and not root10:56
jueguess it's somehow related to point 5 of the changelog ->
frinnstyeah im staying away from new sudo updates. last time i pushed a minor version there were like 5 new releases in the following 5 days :)11:23
jueyeah, I remember :)11:26
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frinnstthe screen update will not reconnect to detatched sessions btw12:33
juehmm, screen -r doesn't work?12:35
frinnstnot according to the announcement12:36
frinnsttesting now12:36
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juefrinnst: nothing suspicious in the Changelog12:39
frinnstDo note that there was fix to screen message structure field12:46
frinnstresponsible for $TERM handling, which makes it impossible to attach to12:46
frinnstolder versions (hence minor version bump)."12:46
frinnstthe gnu announce ml is pretty good12:46
jueah ok, I'd expect something like that in the Changelog too :(12:48
jueI'll send a notify12:57
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frinnstjue: thoughts about linux-firmware?17:33
frinnstwe can easily split it up into different categories right now. but i suspect tracking the changes / additions might be a bit boring17:33
frinnstthe tree is pretty horrible, everything is just randomly added to /17:34
jueyeah, indeed, I have a checkout here17:34
juethe real problem is size, do you know how big a package would be17:35
jueI guess half the size of our ISO17:36
frinnstyeah i stated it yesterday or something but i lost the backlog when i restarted screen :)17:36
frinnstfrinnst: diskspace cost of the entire repo would be ~140mb in /lib/firmware17:36
frinnst(when decompressed)17:37
frinnst138M today17:39
juelet's see, doing a tar.xz currently17:40
frinnst37M jun 20 19:39 linux-firmware.tar.xz17:40
frinnstso smaller than firefox :-)17:41
jueok, the 3.2 ISO is 395M, so that's around 10% more17:42
jueseems acceptable to me17:43
frinnstyeah good deal i'd say17:44
frinnsti was afraid it would be larger17:44
frinnstDo we need it in core? opt might be a better fit?17:45
juethat's ok for me17:46
frinnstdownside of having it in opt would be that its not autoinstalled17:46
frinnstyeah i'd opt for opt :>17:47
jaegerdefinitely not core17:48
jaegerI don't want it on machines without wireless or some other firmware-requiring device17:48
frinnstyeah, pushing non-free stuff feels icky17:48
jaegerNot a size, problem, just junk17:48
jaegers/size, /size /17:48
juejaeger: good point, let's put it into opt17:50
juejaeger: but on the whole you are for adding it to the ISO?17:53
frinnstbtw send me your pgp keys if you want my signing key for core17:54
frinnstor if we should regenerate it - anyways send me your pub keys :)17:55
jueyeah, no problem, will do17:56
frinnstsent mine to core-ports17:57
jaegerI'm ok with adding it to the ISO17:58
jaegerI wonder if I even have an active key currently17:59
jaegerI may need to create a new one17:59
frinnstmight as well. noticed you had a couple of keys uploaded to various keyservers :)17:59
frinnsti have too, but regenerated a new one recently for use with my nitrokey17:59
jaegeryeah, though they're pretty old by now18:00
jaegerhow much trouble is it to get those revoked/removed?18:00
frinnstunless you have generated revoke-certs, pretty hard18:01
jaegerI probably did but who knows where the hell those are now :P18:16
jaegerI'll just make a new one18:17
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