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Worksteri've setup a enlightenment docker container and testing01:00
Worksterkazblox, are you trying to get e17 or e19 or what exactly?01:01
Worksterbuilding it now01:07
Worksteri'll see if it needs a compat port or a patch or just a version bump.01:08
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Worksterok so evas needs older libgif01:26
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frinnstwow, using fedora is like using an android device02:02
frinnstbut worse02:03
frinnstwhat a frustrating ui02:03
frinnst"Welcome to Software"02:03
frinnst"Let's Go Shopping"02:03
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Romstere20 now exists too kazblox_02:58
Romsterdowngraded giflib to 5.0.4 and then e17 builds so e17 just needs a giflib-compat port03:00
kazblox_and it also needs libeet gnutls fixes too03:34
kazblox_they use outdated references to x509 crypto routines that no longer exist03:34
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Worksteryeah i hit that now, i'll look at it more at home07:17
pitillokazblox: I'll take a look and probably I'll remove e17/e18 from 3.2 branch07:56
pitilloWorkster: e21-rc is on the way too (but I haven't tested/used e20 yet...)07:57
Romsteri downgraded gnulib and gnutls but i haven't downgraded nettle that older gnutls needs. but i wonder if it's worth the effort as it's old. yeah 20 is out now08:02
Romstercan do -compat ports for e17 pitillo if it's preferred to keep e17 around08:03
Romsterlibgcrypt giflib gnutls and nettle i think is all that be required08:04
Romsteri'llbe slow to reply cooking dinner08:07
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pitillonot sure how many people still use e17 (I thought I was the only one, specially in ARM devices, which I finally moved to e19)08:32
pitilloI'll try to get some time to give a test to e20 this weekend or next week08:34
Romsterah that explains why you like e it's highly optimized and small08:57
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kazblox[04:32:48] <pitillo> not sure how many people still use e17 (I thought I was the only one, specially in ARM devices, which I finally moved to e19)12:02
kazbloxsome people use bodhi linux12:02
kazbloxwhich has moshka desktop12:03
kazbloxa fork of e1712:03
kazbloxthat fixes some issues and dependency compilation errors12:03
pitillokazblox: not enought time to maintain something I don't use. I'll try to keep e19 and put hands on e2012:26
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jueFYI, here's my sudo bug-report ->
frinnstyeah we should make it a rule to wait a while with sudo updates :)18:03
jaegerI'll be out of town from tomorrow through sunday, just so you guys know18:24
frinnstdoing anything fun?18:24
jaegerGoing to visit some family18:25
jaegerShould be a nice vacation18:25
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jaegerthanks :)18:52
juefrinnst: yeah,indeed ;)19:09
juejaeger: have a good time19:10
jaegerHope so, thanks19:19
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