IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2016-06-23

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jaegerregarding the current discussion in #crux, maybe we should review the docs for 3.3 to make sure using httpup and getting repos from the portdb is clear01:29
jaegerRomster: ran into an odd issue with docker while testing MATE 1.14 ports - when building polkit in the container, it doesn't properly set ownership on a couple of files to the polkit user, even though the pre-install script that creates said user runs successfully and creates it01:36
jaegerbuild it outside docker, it works01:36
jaegerusing the same build process as a non-docker system, fakeroot and a non-privileged user01:38
jaegerI won't have time to investigate it before going out of town, just mentioning it because it's odd01:38
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jaegeroh, it's a typo, maybe. polkit vs. polkitd for the user. oops. will investigate after I get back but I bet that's it03:01
jaegernever mind, that's exactly it03:03
jaegeryou're excused this time, docker03:04
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Worksterah i thought i hit wrong user issues in docker one other time06:42
Worksterbut i couldn't reproduce it so i put it down to PEBKAC06:43
Worksterwhat i really ought to do (and i haven't yet) is set a non root user in my docker containers and use fakeroot when building.06:43
Worksteras a non root user06:43
Worksteri haven't seen any out side of PKG issues in a long long time but it's best to be safe than sorry with testing.06:44
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